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Belafon11/30/2019 8:45:38 am PST

re: #61 Belafon

Networking question if there are any experts in that area. My Ubuntu machine, which I have had for about 3 years, is having some strange networking issues. The connection to non-local (ie, outside 192.168) is suddenly intermittent. It’s worked fine until recently. If I leave ing on, it will work for a bit, and then stop for a while, until it suddenly restarts. I’m getting about a 60% packet loss. A separate window pinging an local address seems to not be having any problems.

I’m not having issues with any other computer. This is a wired connection, but I swapped cables and even tested with another computer in that connection (it’s ethernet over powerline) and I’m not having any other problems. This just started in the last couple of days. Does anyone know of a way to troubleshoot this? I’m trying to see if I need to get another ethernet card to use rather than the one in the PC. I have tried a number of restarts and a few other suggestions.

I finally figured out the problem, though I’m not sure why it just started failing. The domain name resolution was going haywire. I finally noticed that I could ping ip addresses all day, but names were messing up.

The file /etc/resolv.conf contains a single entry used for domain, set to I guess whatever used to refer to that has now changed. I changed the list to add Googles servers, and But that’s not as straightforward as you wold think, as just editing the file would get reset on reboot. The best solution was to follow this, in order to make changes permanent: