Another Investigation Exonerates the 'Climategate' Scientists

brownbagj7/07/2010 3:04:37 pm PDT

re: #189 LudwigVanQuixote

What is interesting to me is that you and Charles and others seem to have some image that I am sitting at home fuming. I am not.

When I made that comment about crimes against humanity and that justice would be served by trying those responsible for blocking efforts on a global scale for their own greed, I was making a very simple legal statement. In much the same way that I think mass murderers should be treated, these people should be treated. They are exactly mass murderers.

It is already too late to save Bangladesh and certain Pacific Islands. It is already too late to save those who perished in the heat waves in Asia this summer.

Those people were already murdered by greed. I am making a direct, simple and calculated statement. There is already blood on these people’s hands.

LVQ, if you have folks that you trust who also seem to think you are being interpreted a certain way, I would consider it. I don’t want to tell you how to post and you are a grownup and can make your own decisions, but the “speaker” needs to understand how he is perceived by his audience. If he thinks things should be taken a certain way, but they are not, then the speaker may need to change tactics.