Corporations Claiming 'Religious Liberty' Try to Infringe on Their Employees' Religious Liberty

CuriousLurker10/23/2013 10:53:41 am PDT

I was thinking about this very issue the other day—it’s so absurd. I’m Muslim and my sincerely held religious beliefs tell me it’s morally objectionable to pay for, provide, facilitate, or otherwise support various things that are perfectly legal here: tattoos, the consumption of alcohol, pork, etc.

If I were to take the stance these corporations are taking, then what? Should I demand that my employees sign a contract stating they won’t purchase any pork or alcohol products with the paycheck I give them? Should I refuse to pay city, state, or federal taxes lest some of the money go towards regulating or subsidizing industries that involve things I disapprove of?

How long would it be before some other religion was enforcing it’s rules on me?

It’s ridiculous. A judge would have to be nuts to set a precedent that would open that type of religious Pandora’s box.