LA Times Op Ed-Gay Rights: Can Discrimination Be Legal?

Franklin12/12/2013 9:06:34 am PST

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Gay rights: Can discrimination be legal?
A majority of businesses shouldn’t be able to refuse to serve gay couples, but ‘expressive professions’ may deserve an exception.

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I call absolute bullshit:

In her petition to the Supreme Court, Huguenin warns that the decision against her threatens other “expressive professions” including “marketers, advertisers, publicists and website designers.”

Much as we support same-sex marriage and oppose discrimination, we do see a distinction between businesses that provide the same product or service to all comers and those that collaborate in the creation of a personalized message. We acknowledge that drawing that line will sometimes be difficult.

So marketers, website designers, etc can’t be compelled to take on work for same-sex couples/causes because collaboration?

How is providing a service of food at a restaurant or shelter at a hotel truly any different than building a website? How does collaboration or creativity play any role here?

If I were an honest web designer that opposed gay marriage (I’m not) I would be up front in telling them that I am happy to try my best, but the collaboration may not result in the best work because I don’t fully understand the lifestyle.