James O'Keefe Tries His Dishonest Hand At Texas Two-Step

BigPapa2/26/2014 12:26:09 pm PST

I took a look at this a couple of weeks ago and though maybe O’Keefe finally got something valid.

If Battleground Texas is actually guilty of this violation (it appeared to be so), it’s not necessarily anything that devious. It would be something BT should stop doing.

They’re essentially registering people to vote and keeping their phone numbers, then using their phone numbers as call lists to remind people to vote in future elections. This appears to be illegal in TX, according to O’Keefe.

Not exactly earth shattering news worthy of a national story. If BT is guilty of this violation methinks it would be a stern warning/fine and slap on the wrists, and told not to do it any more.

Well well well… good job O’Keefe. The blind squirrel found a tiny little pine nut.