Bundy: If I can't call "black boys" Negros, then MLK's dream is dead!

KiTA4/25/2014 11:00:34 am PDT

The first comment over there is quite nice, and showcases just how screwed in the head Bundy really is. Did you know the fee he’s dodging is $1.50.

ONE DOLLAR AND FIFTY CENTS. I’ll let Antony C. explain:

Grazing cattle on federal land with a monthly charge of $1.50 per head for grazing rights, yep you read it right, $1.50 a month. What do you get for your buck and a half? For a start you get federally funded and pumped water for your cattle, you also get the federal government planting out more feed for your cattle, you get security because the federal government pays people to exterminate predators that prey on your livestock. On top of that you receive drought assistance and compensation if your livestock succumbs to drought, floods and acts of nature. You have next to free feed, a protective eye over your livestock and next to free maintenance of your feeding range.

Now you’d think that any sane person on so much welfare with profits guaranteed by the big bad federal government irrespective of good years or bad, would feel honor bound and grateful to pay a paltry $1.50 per month which beggars the question of just how many head of cattle Cliven graze on Federal land to run up a bill of over $1 million and just how much more welfare he feels he is entitled too. Cliven no doubt also gets a generous farm subsidy but still he hates the government because minorities are in his perception getting some money he feels entitled to without even bothering to pay the paltry grazing fee that is a token payment at best.

Which brings me to the subject of unAmericanism and patriots who don’t believe in the very nation they live in, freeload off, collect every benefit from and then are prepared to kill or be killed when someone comes to collect their long overdue contribution for the land they use, which is heavily subsidized for their usage. This is not libertarianism, it’s greed anarchy and a feeling that you are exempt from laws because you say so. Couple this with the white entitlement that is expressed in vile statements about the grand efficacious, high living that was called slavery, a time when people were sold like livestock, whipped, starved, had their offspring sold off, deprived of any form of education and worked until they died under the lash or through exhaustion.

All I can say is, Cliven wouldn’t have lasted a week as a slave seeing most of his farm maintenance has been handled by the Federal government, he didn’t have to build the roads to see his cattle shipped off to market but to him the nation that provided him with everything is the enemy, because black people got some rights in the 60s and not much more since.

Sean Hannity pushed for bloodshed and the slaughter of federal employees because poor Cliven wants everything for free and Sean held up a supremacist, supreme moocher as a national hero and role model. A hero,who would have happily seen MLK lynched.

$1.50 per head of cattle for what amounts to renting a grazing range from the federal government. A range that’s protected, that has feed planted for your cattle, which includes act of god insurance…

That fee in NO WAY actually pays for that range’s upkeep. That’s all subsidized by taxpayers. That means that even with a fee that was frankly chump change to a wealthy 1%er like Bundy was too high, that he felt entitled to steal from the rest of us to get it.