Gerry Adams Arrested

palmerskiss4/30/2014 9:02:49 pm PDT

re: #1 Aunty Entity Dragon

You know of course that the Protestant paramilitiaries killed an awful lot of Catholics in Northern Ireland…and that Catholics were kept out of schools, many jobs and the RUC for decades, and were denied property ownership.

If Gerry Adams was the bogeymen, it was because British racism and religious bigotry made him.

After British troops slaughtered unarmed civilians on Bloody Sunday…peaceful protest went out the window.

sure - and Gerry Adams made each and one of those honest Catholics look bad.

I appreciate nuance (paisley was clearly implicated in my page) but if your nuance is that Gerry Adams does not represent monstrosity, then I take umbrage at that nuance.

“In a country and a time where something as innocuous as your car licence plate can ‘out’ your sectarian affiliations (even if wrong - try driving a Republic of Ireland registered automobile through the border in Cavan and on to Belfast in 1995 - it often ended in tragedy) you learn quickly to personify those fears.”

that is nuance - i clearly made an effort to represent a catholic point of view when i outlined a social ill related to Gerry Adams and his peers.

I added the nuance because i actually sympathize with the republican, not loyalist point of view, as does the vast majority of the Island.

that still does not make Gerry Adams any less of a bogey man, any less terrorizing, or any less of a monster.