Special Report: The Truth (And Doubts) About Gun Control

Thanos5/12/2014 7:29:17 am PDT

Excellent report here that covers the vagaries and gaps in reporting on gun ownership, licensing differences, homicide, suicide, and accidental death rates.

While there are pockets and nested exceptions (just like for every general rule,) that both sides of the issue will use to bolster their arguments, overall more guns does = more homicides. More guns also probably = more successful suicides, and more accidental gun deaths. It’s true that some areas where guns are numerous there are low death rates compared to other places in the US but you can’t deny the reality of the overall numbers. It’s still not a simple problem however, somewhere there’s a good model for gun ownership, and we ought to be moving towards that instead of digging in our heels in an insane winner take all tug of war that gets us current policies.