3 Shot, 1 Killed in Orosi Home Invasion Attempt

Rightwingconspirator5/28/2014 3:42:03 pm PDT

re: #1 kirkspencer

Very fresh incident, and trial will be months away. Home invasions just for money and valuables are common.

What motivated the home invaders? No data available. So what if there was a love triangle, or a long standing argument or dispute. But short of this being some gang vs gang thing, there is no justification to break into someones house, let alone with gun, let alone trying to gunfight your way in.

As much as I’d like to say self defense is some exercise in perfect justification and actions reality bites. It sucks big time to have to resort to violence. A lot could have gone worse here. Just glad it did not, I truly wish the invaders had fled at first sign of occupancy, and this never having happened. Multiple people shot is a terrible thing.

So one question-Pending some data to that effect-Why would anyone want to presume the worst about the guy defending a home? What motivates that? Why would a guy like that not enjoy a normal presumption of good intent?