Why I Don't Believe in Conspiracy Theories

EiMitch7/20/2014 6:23:48 pm PDT

IMO, the worst effect common to all* conspiracy theories is how the believers become smug, arrogant a-holes. “Look at all those idiots believing what they’ve been told. Not me. I know better than that. I know better than those people.” That kind of thinking poisons the believer, even on subjects not related to their CT. When someone believes pretty much everyone is stupid, they can justify themselves and “their side” doing pretty much anything for the “truth” or the “greater good.”

Oh, and logic and objectivity getting tossed under the bus also leads to things getting ugly. But its the unintentionally ironic elitism that gets me the most.

* - I use the qualifier “all” because some CTs lead to people dying for no good reason. Thats obviously worse.