Police/SWAT Militarization-Powerful Facts & Opinion From The ACLU

Rightwingconspirator8/14/2014 11:45:34 am PDT

re: #1 1Peter G1

Here’s a suggestion: ban citizens from owning military grade weapons with unlimited magazine size and as much armor piecing rounds as they can afford. Then they won’t need most of that equipment. I’m betting your going to say no.

Well you would be wrong again. I support the laws on the books that ban military weapons. Banned since Bonnie and Clyde more or less.

Considering what they brought for an unarmed crowd, if anyone showed up with real weapons at the protest I suppose County PD would just call in an airstrike. Use some retired and DOD granted A-10’s.

Seriously dude it was 9/11 not the NRA that triggered the militarization.