Three Major US Muslim Groups Condemn ISIS

Thanos9/13/2014 6:44:56 pm PDT

re: #1 CuriousLurker

I think this writer has fallen into the trap himself by accepting that “moderate” describes a dichotomy. Anyone who buys into that is foolish, especially in America. Moderate implies a spectrum, not “either-or” . There are moderate Muslims out there who hold beliefs that I would argue vociferously against, they aren’t folks I would label as “good” — but I can’t call them extremists, and they would never support terror. There are moderates out there who are approaching the liberal side of Islam, and some of those are even asses to elbow with the extremists in Pakistan. Then there are Liberal Muslims, who barely practice and who most fundamental mosques would label heretics. They are all Muslims, and they come in a full spectrum — just like every other religion on Earth.