British Medical Journal "The Lancet" Publishes Open Letter by David Duke-Supporting Doctors

CuriousLurker9/23/2014 6:45:41 pm PDT

Wow, so they’re willing to destroy a reputation that’s been respected for almost 200 years? That’s crazy. I’d also like to point out…

From the article, a slightly modified quote from Dukes’ video:

“People are learning that globalist Zionist Islamist supremacism is the greatest single danger to the entire planet, to all human expressions of life and culture and heritage on the planet, to all nations and peoples who want to be free and independent.”

And from his book:

Jewish Islamic extremist supremacism.”

Both of those sound perfectly Geller-esque.

It really is true—the hyperbolic, fear-mongering rhetoric and hateful slander used by antisemites is exactly the same as that used by Islamophobes.