Fox News Moron Insists Walmart Will Spontaneously Save Us When Disaster Strikes (Video)

Florida Panhandler2/10/2015 10:01:00 am PST

I’m just amazed that Stossel has the gall to claim that businesses are “competent” as a rule at all. I’ll remember that next time my cable goes down for the 12th time in 2 months.

I’ll remember that when in college, the owner of the burger joint I worked at was known to throw entire trays full of food against a wall when getting behind in orders on a busy night. (instead of adding one more worker, more than paying for that tray of food).

I’ll remember that next time an entire sector of hedge funds and investment banks decides to buy high risk junk assets and take down the world’s largest economy in the process.

The knee-jerk, jingoistic “Because FEMA is incompetent because government tends to be…” claptrap is so tired and full of abject mularcky. It would help things if Republican Presidents didn’t appoint people in charge who are ideologically bent on destroying the very department they are chosen to run.