Lost in Translation: Yet Another David Barton Claim Comes Under Scrutiny

CuriousLurker4/20/2015 12:59:51 pm PDT

After reading your page Christian America Is an Invention: Big Business, Right-Wing Politics and the Religious Lie That Still Divides Us yesterday, I went over to Amazon to look at the book written by the article’s author. I often read the negative reviews first as knowing who hates a book often tells me more about it than the glowing reviews.

Anyway, it’s relatively new so there were only six reviews, but one of them was a one-star review which I almost fell out of my chair LOL at:

Mr. Kruse is not much of a historian if he can’t even read the founder’s own writings. Instead of focusing on the twentieth century to prove whether or not America is a Christian nation, why not go to it’s origins? Read David Barton… he is a real historian.

I’ve gotta say it gave me hope for our country to see that he got royally pounded in the comments for making that claim.