John Mosley Dies at 93: Denver Native Was Tuskegee Airman, Sports Pioneer

Slap5/27/2015 10:32:06 am PDT

I was fortunate enough to help set up a scholarship fundraiser for the Nor Cal chapter a number of years ago. There are plenty of people in the world I respect, but few that I admire more than these inspiring men. I feel honored to have been in the presence of such dignity and integrity.

As a group, these men embodied grace and a true sense of duty. In the face of an overwhelming level of prejudice, they stood tall and demanded to be able to fight for the rest of us. The Tuskeegee Airmen and the 442nd Infantry (see here: shining examples of true heroism and sacrifice.

Imagine it: you’re disenfranchised by the country in which you were born and told that you’re unable or untrustworthy to fight in the military. Would you choose to say “screw you” to the country whose policies diminished you, or would you respond like these men did?