15 Years Later: Remembering 9/11

CuriousLurker9/11/2016 11:20:41 am PDT

I don’t think people who never saw the twin towers in person can fully appreciate how incredibly tall they were. Below is a photo circa 1999-2000, taken from the foot of one of them (I can’t recall which one). My son was with me that day. We went inside with the intention of going all the way up to the top, but it was too crowded with tourists. As we left, I told him not to worry as we’d come come back another time. Little did I know… *sigh*

At the foot of one of the twin towers, looking up

Excuse the poor quality of the image, but it was taken with an old point & shoot film camera, then scanned years ago. I have the original & negative packed away somewhere, but I’m not gonna look for them now. I used to love that photo, but now when I look at it all I can think of is how far the people who jumped had to fall.