Trevor Noah: Hate Crimes Against Asian-Americans Continue to Rise

austin_blue2/16/2021 10:38:32 pm PST

CL’d at the death:

We’ve got power! The blessed juice. We were down for 46 hours.

My nebulizer works! I fired down a 3 ML shot of Albuterol right into my lungs. I’ll take another hit in an hour.

We got down to 8 degrees the last two mornings in South Austin after 6” of snow. I have never seen a major city paralyzed like this in my entire life. We have NO snow-moving/salting trucks in town.

TXDOT is completely overwhelmed. The roads they are responsible for in the City, (Congress Ave, Lamar, Ben White, Koenig, Barton Springs/Riverside, South 1st Street), haven’t been touched.

It’s been an omnishambles. Have I mentioned we haven’t had power for 46 hours?