Franken: Republicans ‘Don’t Want People To Get Jobs Before The Election’

iceweasel7/26/2010 9:15:15 am PDT

re: #1 Buck

Sorry, but you are wrong.

The Republicans are VERY CLEAR they only want to know how it is going to be paid for.

Rubbish. I suggest you check the posts here on LGF about all the various blocks they’ve thrown at measures that would give the unemployed relief. Check out the many statements here from GOP candidates and people on the right hating on the unemployed too. Start your own page to push your partisan view of things if you like, but make sure you’re up to speed on what’s going on first.

PS I suggest you start here:
GOP lawmakers optimistic about ‘no’ votes

In February, when unpredictable Sen. Jim Bunning single-handedly stalled extensions of unemployment benefits for several days, his Republican colleagues quickly abandoned him, worried that the GOP would be cast as the party against helping people who are out of work.

Last month, as jobless benefits were again to set to expire, Bunning (Ky.) still objected to funding them in a way that would increase the deficit. But this time, nearly every Republican in the Senate joined him, leading to a month-long impasse in which more than 2 million people briefly lost their benefits. When the extension finally passed last week, only two Republicans backed the $34 billion unemployment measure, compared with 21 who had voted with Democrats in March.

That stand-off illustrated the dynamics that have defined Capitol Hill over the last few months.

This is their strategy, buddy. Pay attention.