Quran Burning Pastor Learned Everything He Knows About Muslims from YouTube

Kragar9/08/2010 2:48:03 pm PDT

Did he also learn to embezzle Church funds and coerce parishioner into selling their belonging and working for him on YouTube?

In an interview last year with the Gainesville Sun Emma Jones claimed that her father left after church members questioned his frequent dips into the church kitty for personal luxuries and salaries for his eBay business. She called the church a “cult,” saying parishioners were persuaded to give up their belongings and work for his business, TS and Company.

Jones brought his anti-Islamic views and eBay business with him to the small charismatic mother church in Gainesville. Since taking over in 2008, he’s stored his merchandise of used furniture in a church building and listed the business’ home address there on state corporate filings. He also wasted little time initiating controversial evangelical campaigns.