Video: Dogs Decoded - The Genetic Origin of Dogs and Their Empathy with Humans

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re: #1 jaunte

Very cool. The eye-tracking experiment, proving that dogs are highly accurate readers of human emotion, is amazing.

The whole show is amazing.
If you watch through, at the end they reference an experiment started in Russia 50 years ago, where they selected fox pups for lack of fear and aggression toward humans, and bred those pups. Within a few generations, they had become quite tame and cuddly, and not only that, their coloring began to change (became more “dog-like”) and other physical characteristics changed as well (their tails became shorter and pointed in a different direction). It was quite the eye-opener.

As part of the same experiment, they selected pups that were quite aggressive, and kept breeding those. Within a few generations those pups had become monster-like in their aggressive behavior.

Anyhow - the whole show is very very interesting. I’m going to rewatch it; I’m sure I missed something the first time through.