How do you say Lacrosse team in IMF speak?

Scottish Dragon7/01/2011 10:11:49 am PDT

I tend to think that:

1. Something non consensual happened, possibly in the course of what had been consensual sex. Her demeanor after the incident is pretty typical of that, and the physical evidence exists.

2. She has some character issues that will make it impossible to put her on the stand.

3. Because of that, this case is over and he will go free. There is zero chance that prosecuters will go after her, since there is at least a 50/50 chance she is telling the truth (or some of the truth) and she was sexually assaulted at some point. It is impossible to know at this point.

4. I do not feel sorry for Strauss in the slightest. His background led straight to this. If he is guilty and still able to walk away, then I really hope he contracts something that rots his dick off.