The experience of sharing a physical newspaper

Eclectic Cyborg7/21/2011 10:35:46 am PDT

This is why I still pick up papers every now and then. I’ve actually started a collection which stretches back nearly 10 years now. It started when I picked up a few magazines and newspapers immediately following 9/11 and went from there, it has grown to include many major events of the past 10 years:

- The London terrorist attacks
- Japanese Tsunami from this year
- Vancouver 2010 Olympic Games
- Death of Pope John Paul II in 2005
- The loss of Shuttle Columbia in 2003
- The beginning and early phases of the Iraq War
- Death of Saddam Hussein
- The 2004 NHL lockout (I’m Canadian, it was a huge deal up there)
- Indian Ocean Tsunami
- Hurricane Katrina
- New Orleans Saints 2010 Superbowl victory
- BP Oil Spill
- Electoral victory of Barack Obama
- Death of Osama Bin Laden

I look forward to showing this collection to my kids and grandkids and passing it on. Somehow, it’s more exciting than just clicking some links on a computer screen. I’ve already taken steps to properly preserve it so it lasts through time.