Dept. of Energy almost gave Solyndra another $469 million.

Interesting Times10/05/2011 12:49:33 pm PDT

Are the same people complaining about Solyndra complaining about other things much, much worse?

Panel: Widespread waste and fraud in war spending

The U.S. has lost billions of dollars to waste and fraud in Iraq and Afghanistan and stands to repeat that in future wars without big changes in how the government awards and manages contracts for battlefield support and reconstruction projects, independent investigators said Wednesday.

The bipartisan commission, created by Congress in 2008, estimated that at least $31 billion and as much as $60 billion has been lost in Iraq and Afghanistan over the past decade due to lax oversight of contractors, poor planning, inadequate competition and corruption. “I personally believe that the number is much, much closer to $60 billion,” Zakheim said.

Or, to put that in picture form: Loss of taxpayer dollars in billions of dollars