SeaView: Google Street View for the Sea

Rightwingconspirator2/25/2012 1:03:32 pm PST

re: #1 CuriousLurker

Very cool. Thanks for posting.

BTW, I left a comment on your other (DOJ) page about maybe trying to post at different times. I don’t think you ever saw it.

Happy to share that one. Petapixel is a place I lurk nearly every day.

Nah, I don’t try too hard. It’s like picking hit movies or music. You never really know. I think in the case of the Patriot act excesses, there is a limited reluctance to criticize this administration in an election year when the opposition is in the sad & scary state it is in. Understandably so.

Once Obama is re elected I’d love to see some pushback on certain Patriot Act provisions.

Thanks again for that code BTW. It looks way better. I bet I use that again before November.