Pravda, anyone?

Reuters Middle East Watch4/26/2012 2:19:34 pm PDT

I would agree with you if it were only the headline but the lead is just as misleading (no pun intended) and in my view, deliberately so.

If you read Maayan Lubell and Jeffrey Heller’s update on this story, you can clearly see that they are attempting to pit a military expert against Netanyahu (a common Reuters tactic) by suggesting that the former believes the Iranian leadership is rational and therefore, unlikely to build a nuclear bomb (FULL STOP). If this were the case, Gantz’ assessment would undermine the official Israeli position that Iran is seeking the annihilation of Israel and dashing toward the bomb.

On the other hand, if you read the original interview in Haaretz, you can see that Gantz is focused on the strategic thinking of the regime. He believes that they are moving through all of the stages necessary to develop the bomb but will not make the final decision to build one until their facilities are immune from attack (at which time it will be too late). He says he doesn’t think they will go the extra mile but that there will be nothing to stop them from doing so once they are bomb-proof and that as Islamic fundamentalists, their calculations are ultimately unpredictable and dangerous.

Reuters has an agenda to portray the current Israeli government, particularly Netanyahu, as alarmists and war mongers, and seeks any opportunity to undercut it, including misconstruing the words of others.