In the age of Youtube and Google it is scary Romney seems not to be punished for holding views that flip flop day to day

Destro10/23/2012 9:56:11 pm PDT

re: #1 Joanne

Your fears are my fears. I did not write the above because Romney has policies I am against - he literally lies about his policies and changes position based on who he is talking to. I can prove this right now on YouTube with his own words.

If Romney pulls this off future candidates will treat voters with the contempt they deserve.

Outside of some minor pundits I am not seeing any mainstream journalistic challenge to Romney. The press is not a press release apparatus - it exists to also fucking fact check. But what if people start to resent being told the truth? What if we have a voting block that is so partisan they will accept lies being told to their faces as long as their side wins as if it’s a sports team of Boston vs Yankees then We The People deserve EVERYTHING we have coming to us down the line.

We shall see in two weeks.

PS: I am actually doing all this via cell phone. I made a vow to not use a desk top PC other than for work (and I am trying to do more work via smart phone). It is not easy and LGF sometimes does not work well with cell phone.

Regarding typos, I have t his auto type program because I am not used to writing without a QWERT keyboard and tapping a flat screen. So the phone would insert words in my posts that were not the words I was trying to type!