Hey rightwing gun nuts - arming slave victims would not have freed them because the gun trade actually fueled the slave trade

Destro1/19/2013 2:29:07 pm PST

re: #1 EPR-radar

Has anyone encountered a pro-gun talking point that is stupider that this one?

It would be a real challenge to exceed this level of stupidity, but there are an awful lot of energetic morons out there, so who knows?

The one where Jews would have prevented the holocaust if they were armed comes to mind as stupid. The USSR lost 20 million (maybe more) people fighting against the Nazis and they were armed to the teeth. I don’t see how the small Jewish community of Bourgeoisie shop owners would have defeated the Nazis in street battles when the armed Communist Germans lost to them in street fights (and the German Communists did not mind getting into fights in the first place). On and on.