Samantha Bee on Roger Stone: America's Athlete's Foot [VIDEO]

Joe Bacon 🌹1/31/2019 11:19:56 am PST

re: #18 Wendell Zurkowitz ((slave to the waffle light))

Somebody posted that famous scene from Yes, Minister where they explain why Britain joined the EU in the first place: to make it more divisive.

They had hoped that Brexit would split the EU and were shocked to find them standing firm and united in negotiations, not willing to budge an inch on any free movement of goods or money without equal free movement of people.

We’re witnessing the very end of the British Empire and the UK breaks into pieces. Scotland will leave followed by Wales> A clever move by the Irish Government would be to implement a Freedom of Religion law and disestablish the Catholic Church as the State Religion. That would open the door for reunification.