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Citizen K6/21/2019 3:29:40 pm PDT

re: #19 Eclectic Cyborg

Re: The new Trump rape allegation:

Carroll says that she disclosed the Trump incident to two friends at the time. One, whom Carroll describes as “a journalist, magazine writer, correspondent on the TV morning shows, author of many books, etc.,” told her to go to the police: “‘He raped you,’ she kept repeating when I called her. ‘He raped you. Go to the police! I’ll go with you. We’ll go together.’” The other, who is also a journalist, was sympathetically cautious: “‘Tell no one. Forget it! He has 200 lawyers. He’ll bury you.’”

It’s a completely different set of rules for the rich and powerful.

“But why did she wait so long, clearly this timing is suspicious therefore she must be lying” is the response.

Because no one wants to admit that the rules are different, even as they persist in ensuring the rules are even more lopsided and different than before.