Colbert Riffs on Conan T. Herodog and the Devin Nunes/Ukraine Connection [VIDEO]

Dangerman (slowly converting a pool into a pond)11/26/2019 2:28:17 pm PST

re: #17 Decatur Deb

We have a center-right party in this country, but I have to keep voting Democratic anyways.

yeah - i wanted the “burn down the gop” part and i didnt want to take out the part i didnt care for - the center-right party nonsense

if you see the threat, then it’s simple:
the way to get trump out is vote D.
even if you dont register D or participate in the primaries.
because there’s not a lot of time
dont need a new party or anything - you couldnt build one that fast anyway

accept how we got here, what the options are, suck it up and goddammit vote D.

you can worry about belonging to a shiny new party later