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BigPapa12/15/2019 2:58:18 pm PST

I’m lucky with my landlord. When we were shutting the biz down we got booted out of our condo and had to find a new place, stressful because my credit is now shot and we don’t have much dough. Found an apt near my work, good price. Wife shoots out to meet… the landlord knows me because he owns a cabinet shop and we’ve worked together. Bam! Told him about the credit sucking and biz closing and he said don’t worry about it, as long as you guys can make rent I’m good. Turn out it’s a downstairs end unit, the people upstairs are ghosts, and we have 5 mango trees outside. They’re going to start fruiting again in a few months then this lizard will be eating mango daily again, for free.

I just cancelled a cheapo golf club membership and signed up for WaPo and Judd Legum’s Popular Info. Not sure if any other media sources are worth paying for. NYT won’t get a dime from me. Might squeeze out another LGF membership and one more newspaper, if anybody has any recs besides WaPo and PI. And not NYT.