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Interesting Times7/21/2010 6:25:54 am PDT

re: #19 iceweasel

BTW, I just tweeted this with the #p2 and #tlot hashtags (as well as tcot) to alert all Islamophobes (and LGF haters on the left who want to smear this place as Muslim-bashing) to check it out.

Charles had an excellent, excellent comment (though I forgot to bookmark it, d’oh!) about how the blanket-condemnation-of-Islam types play right into the hands of extremists - I mean really, if you use the argument that “OMG Islam is inherently violent and supports killing unbelievers!!1!!!” you are validating the propaganda of every psycho-theocracy and two-bit terrorist cell there is! Wouldn’t it be more productive to support moderate imams who provide different interpretations of the Qur’an, instead of saying - as the extremists do - that they don’t “speak” for the religion?