Incredible: An All-Acoustic Version of Snarky Puppy's "Lingus" Performed by Kids (The Caspian Quartet)

ThomasLite12/01/2018 6:07:53 am PST

re: #199 HappyWarrior

You’re right. The two I can think of that didn’t were Trump and maybe Nixon but even Nixon looks like Obama joking around compared with the humorless Trump.

Well Nixon’s insane paranoia wouldn’t have permitted him to genuinely enjoy mockery of himself, I don’t think. As MsJ says though, at least having the humanity to pretend and go along a little makes a big difference, shows you at least understand the importance of working with others and not always needing to be the centre of the universe.
…Because let’s face it, that’s where Donny’s at. And that really is new.