The New Video From Nick Cave & Warren Ellis Is a Visual Feast: "We Are Not Alone" (La Panthère Des Neiges)

A Cranky One11/29/2021 10:37:52 am PST

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I once adopted a dog that was scary ugly.

Young sharp-pei. Malnourished and scrawny tiny body with huge oversized head. Had so many wrinkles that her eyelids turned outside in (her eyelashes rubbed against her eyes). She couldn’t see because it was painful to open her eyes.

My older daughter yelled “what is that?” And then rushed out of the room first time she saw the dog.

Got the dog off the corn based food she had been eating and she immediately started to gain weight.

My daughter got the dog officially listed as a rescue and then found a pet ophthalmologist who did eye surgery very cheaply (she worked with rescue orgs).

That dog loved to run once she could see and had a large yard with room.

Casey (the dog) soon became muscular, active and a wonderful pet. Her bark would raise the hair on your neck and even folks with pitbulls would cross the street when they saw her; she looked very scary.

But she was the sweetest loving dog and a great protector.

I miss her.