Rush Limbaugh, Creationist

SanFranciscoZionist5/19/2009 9:22:58 pm PDT

re: #21 SeafoodGumbo

I didn’t realize that this creationism stuff was so damn popular. I don’t get it. Why is evolution so threatening? It’s not like the humans who were our ancestors were all kings and queens. We’ve all got criminals, morons, and lunatics in our family tree somewhere, so why is it so horrible if there’s also a lemur?

One of my great grandfathers tried to join the Klan at one point. No lemur has ever done anything like that. Lemur violence is limited to some restrained biting and wrassling over mates and good fruit trees, and is never racially motivated.

I don’t know what the revulsion is about. I kind of like the idea that I have relatives going all the way back, that human history is so long and complicated. And lemurs are quite pretty, as well.

A lot of people seem to fear that if God’s work is more complicated than simply doing everything by big flashy magic, the way we imagined when we read Bible stories as little kids—if it is so complex and nuanced and hard to understand that we begin to realize we’ll never put the whole picture together—that somehow makes it less special. I say more special.