Kentucky T-Shirts for Sale: 'Yup, I'm A Racist'

WINDUPBIRD DISEASE [S.K.U.M.M.]7/04/2010 4:44:47 pm PDT

re: #196 EmmmieG

Just for the Portland folks—

I went to the Hillsboro 4th of July parade yesterday. Lots of candidates marched (all you have to do to get in the Hillsboro parade is turn in an application.)

Ron Wyden was there, as well as Chris Dudley (he’s easy to spot).

There were some Tea Partiers. No pantaloons, but one man kilt, and at least one tri-corner.

The SAR was in uniform, but that’s different.

usually when I think man-kilt I think nerds at sci-fi cons and burning man. :D

I think Stovokor should have marched.