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Don’t know if this was covered yesterday…so pardons if already posted.

Matt Taibbi at Rolling Stone had a long story questioning the whole Obama admin and US Intelligence assessment and their statement. He compares “media” reluctance after being used as messengers for the WMD stories used by the Bush admin for the justification of the Iraq war to how the media is not real hot on this whole Russia hacking story.

I have no problem with the media being reluctant as they didn’t do their job with WMD and Iraq.

But…I also have issues with a media that may have been too reluctant to do a complete background expose on all of Trump’s issues and some other issues like putting Hillary’s emails and Benghazi in proper perspective.

So, what to think is my issue…about all of this.

Have a read…I left out the the first few paragraphs as it is just a review of what Obama and the intelligence folks put out so far. I picked it up with the meat of Matt’s “concerns.”

Rolling Stone - Something About This Russia Story Stinks

I saw that posted on FB. Honestly, I understand why there is reluctance after Iraq but I think the way Trump has acted in regards to Russia and Putin really says a lot.