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🌹UOJB!12/04/2019 5:57:18 pm PST

re: #165 HappyWarrior

I totally expect the cynical bastards that run Trump’s reelection campaign to grift off this remark. For the fuck your feelings crowd, they’re awfully sensitive when the shoe is on the other foot. It really was a pretty tame comment. And Trump himself has said of child migrants being “no angels” so I really don’t give a fuck about Barron being used in an offhand remark pointing out that we don’t have official nobility in this country especially given that Barron’s father is the king of nepotism given how Barron’s older half sister and brother in law are given positions of power and influence they’ve done nothing to earn.

They are. Relatives are in full meltdown mode over this…the same relatives who yukked it up when Pigboy Rush called Chelsea a dog…