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re: #195 Anymouse 🌹🎃

The general creep of advertising on pay services is just capitalists extracting maximum profit from anything they can, nothing new.

Remember when HBO launched as a premium pay cable service with the promise they would never have adverts if you just ponied up a bit extra a month on your cable bill?

Hulu did the same thing when they launched Hulu+. Access to more programming and advert-free. The advert-free didn’t even last a year for us.

My wife and I are binge watching the original “Dark Shadows” television show on Hulu; at least they insert the adverts in the places they were supposed to be on the show. (The adverts might be more interesting if they ran the original spots, but you can’t have everything.)

Are you saying that you downgraded from the commercial-free Hulu-plus to the cheaper option with commercials, or that after a year you started getting commercials despite paying for the commercial-free option?

I’ve been on the commercial-free plan for years, and I don’t get are in my “Dark Shadows” viewing.