Shocker: Donald Trump Told Reckless Lies About Coronavirus Today, While the CDC Issued Dire Warnings

LeftyRambles2413 (HappyWarrior)2/25/2020 3:10:23 pm PST

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A guy I worked with in a restaurant in Champaign, Il claimed to have seen George Harrison in Carbondale when the co-worker was a student at Southern Illinois University. He said that Harrison had a sister who married an American GI and moved to the area. The general story checks out, but I’ll bet there are thousands of “I saw George in small-town southern Illinois stories.”

Yeah I bet a lot of people have stories like that. And yep his older sister moved to the US. I’ve seen footage of him reuniting with her when the Beatles first toured the US. Really feel like watching the Scorsese documentary on him tonight now. I’ve always enjoyed his music.