Pat Buchanan Promotes 9/11 'Truth'

SixDegrees9/15/2009 3:48:40 pm PDT

I see the House voted to admonish Joe Wilson today, mostly along party lines, with 7 Republicans and 12 Democrats switching sides.

Wilson’s a flaming ass, but this strikes me as overplayed. It looks way too much like the Democrat-controlled House beating up on the opposition simply because they can.

A better approach, once they had committed to wasting Congressional time on this, would have been to find him out of order without comment, then very publicly toss it back to the Republicans with the statement, “He’s yours; you decide what to do about him.” Punishment would carry a lot more weight if levied by Wilson’s own party, and it would have made the Dems look less hamfisted.

Not something I’m going to lose any sleep over. Wilson deserves a public rebuke. But I think this may wind up having the opposite of the intended effect.