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lawhawk8/29/2012 1:19:23 pm PDT

You know what Destro, you miss the entire context of what Barak said to Blitzer in that CNN transcript.

How about a fuller reading:

BARAK: I think that in general terms about the intelligence, we are on the same page. In the rhetoric and the — I don’t know how to call it, observation, we are on the same page. We both know that Iran is determined to turn nuclear. We both know that Khamenei did not yet ordered, actually, to give a weapon, but that he is determined to deceit and defy the whole world.

We all are convinced and say publicly that Iran should not be allowed to turn nuclear and that all options should remain on the table.

BLITZER: What — what does that mean, that the ayatollah has not given the order to build a nuclear bomb?

BARAK: It’s something technical. He did not tell his people start and build it — a weapon on — an explodable device. We think that we understand why he — the — he does not give this order.

He believes that he is penetrated through our intelligence and he strongly feels that if he tries to order, we will know it, we and you and some other intelligence services will know about it and it might end up with a physical action against it.

In other words, Israel and Barak believe that Iran’s obfuscating and hiding its intentions because Iran believes that it’s been penetrated by Mossad or others who would signal back to Israel that such activities have been undertaken at the order from the highest level. Israel isn’t buying the Iranian claims one iota. That includes Barak. So, Israel believes that Iran’s doing whatever it can without an express order to build X nuclear devices. It undertakes tests on trigger devices, individual components, etc., all while it gains expertise on enrichment - where time + material = nuclear device.

Along with everyone else in the Israeli political and intel/defense establishment. The difference is how to address the problem.

And it wasn’t all that long ago - that would be April 30, 2012 - that Barak was saying Iran is pursuing nuclear weapons.

Israel’s defence minister Ehud Barak restated the case for a military strike on Iran’s nuclear programme before it reaches the “immunity zone”, dismissing criticism from the country’s former intelligence chief that political leaders were misleading the public over the consequences of action.

“I believe it is well understood in Washington, as well as in Jerusalem, that as long as there is an existential threat to our people, all options to prevent Iran from getting nuclear weapons should remain on the table,” Barak told a meeting of the Foreign Press Association.

But in a clear reference to former Shin Bet chief Yuval Diskin’s comments, he added: “Parts of the world, including some politically motivated Israeli figures, prefer to bury their heads in the sand.”

Most Israelis think that Iran’s intent to obtain nukes, but differ over how to deal with the threat - whether to go unilaterally or by international action as well as when to deal with it - before/after US elections.

Meanwhile, UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon is in Tehran, and he’s called on Iran to not only stop its incendiary language about destroying Israel, but to come clean about its nuclear program.