Live Video: President Obama Speaks in Bristow, VA

Dark_Falcon11/03/2012 11:42:01 pm PDT

re: #199 aagcobb

I expect a massive burst of racist opposition to Puerto Rican statehood, based on fear of millions of Hispanics invading our shores from P.R. (I doubt many in the GOP base realize that Puerto Ricans are US citizens).

That might not happen. Both Marco Rubio in 2010 and Ted Cruz this year have worked to cultivate Puerto Rican voters in their states, and thus will have heavy incentive to push back. There’s not an ethnic difference between Puerto Ricans and most Cubans, so an attack on Puerto Ricans would also be an attack on two of the GOP’s own senators. For that reason, if no other, I’d say that people like Sean Hannity and Rich Lowry would pour cold water on the racists.