Robert Stacy McCain Posts Racist and Homophobic Slurs on Twitter

Killgore Trout6/26/2010 4:16:45 pm PDT

re: #191 Decatur Deb

Always the optimist. This crap could be a recruiting coup for the JBS. “The bitch that bore (them) is again in heat.”

I just think the crazy has pretty much reached critical mass. This is certainly benefiting the JBS but it’s going to cost the Republican party elections. These conspiracies are leading Republicans to become vocal supporters of some very unpopular ideas.
The BP apology is a prime example. BP’s has a 6% approval rating in America. That’s down in the territory of Saddam Husein and coddling them as victims is bad news for Republicans.
Beck’s praise of McCarthy is the same thing. McCarthy is one of the most hated and ugliest people in recent American history and Republicans are fucked if they try to undo that. The American public will never endorse a return of McCarthyism.