Video: John McCain Quotes Chairman Mao

~Fianna10/16/2009 12:50:06 pm PDT

re: #102 freetoken

What if I were to say that R.J. Rushdoony is one of my “favorite political philosophers”? Well, he is. Does that make me a proponent of the theocratic political beliefs of North et. al.?

I hope enough of you would be familiar with my posts over the last 3 years to know that I am not a proponent of a takeover of American politics by the North/Baldwin wing of American polity!

Yet Rushdoony was brilliant, and very insightful, and I admire and respect that. Doesn’t mean I wish to work to carry out his agenda.

Same with Machiavelli. Look around a business book section some day. Machiavelli in the Boardroom, Machiavelli for Women, Machiavelli for Marketers… that doesn’t mean that people think that poisoning their rivals is a good business strategy.