Onion: Financial Expert Offers Obsessive Recession Tips

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Some more ~

From a Greenroom Post:

I could go on, literally for days. The point, however, is that the Progressive Movement has found their St. Michael, and they are moving forward with their agenda at warp speed. Knowing their agenda is one part of our battle, and one cannot know their agenda without knowing the history of the Progressives. In a nutshell:

Individualism – OUT
Capitalism – OUT
Private Property – OUT
Inalienable Rights – OUT
Freedom of Thought – OUT
Constitutional Limits on Government – That has been gone.

Today’s Progressive movement has been joined by another movement, that is related, but is more of a new sprout in the same pot. The Communitarian Movement. The Communitarians are after nothing less than a One World Order, and through a program called Agenda 21, which has spread to 177 countries, is making that happen.

And more comments:

The Left is already fully committed to its final solution for the “problem of dissent”, i.e., the extermination of conservatism. They will not stop unless we stop them. We need to fight, remorselessly.


This Nobel was nothing but an affirmative action joke, just like The Precedent, himself, and no one with any sense of decency would vote for him to go collect it – unless it was with a one-way ticket and he was disallowed from ever returning. Let him go to Indonesia, where his third world style of governing is more in line with their sensibilities.

TR waited until he was out of office to accept the prize.

I’m all for Osama Obama doing the same. He can take the money back to Kenya with him and help his brother and all the other suckers over there who believed in him.

Of course if he’s still in office by, say, the end of this year, the monetary value of the prize (at least in dollars) will be nil.

If it’s one thing American’s don’t like – it’s someone getting something that they didn’t work to earn. Well here it is – Ogabe!

//recycling Limbaugh’s “Barack Ogabe” Slur