Why I Left the Right, John Birch Society at CPAC Edition

BunnyThief1/27/2010 11:49:04 am PST

I’ve always thought of the Birchers as nuts, but entertaining ones. They’re so gosh-darned serious about their paranoia.

I also don’t recall them being mixed up with anything illegal.

When this first broke, I got a kick out of CPAC’s official statement. Paraphrased: “a few days ago, someone asked us why we accepted a gay conservative group as a sponsor. At that time, we said that if a group has at least some conservative beliefs and their check clears, they’re welcome to give us money. The same applies to the Birchers.”

Personally, I like it when the nuts are out in the open. They do the most harm when they’re in the shadows. They get a lot fewer recruits at these events than they do in one-on-one meetings, in bars, and the like. Plus it lets us keep an eye on them.

Sarah Palin had the best reason for skipping CPAC: the head tried to shake down FedEx for a couple of million bucks in exchange for CPAC backing FedEx in a fight with UPS in Congress. That’s a reason to not attend.

Gay conservatives or John Birchers there? I’d be tempted to show up just for the laughs.

Especially if those two were placed in close proximity.