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goddamnedfrank5/16/2011 12:26:03 am PDT

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Digital camera color is very complex (well, so was the analog color techniques.) For example, the color filter dyes used in the Bayer (or other) filter are different between sensors and manufacturers. Then, the re-creation of the tri-stimulus basic colors from the filters varies.

Then we get to what you label “subjective”. In creating the final color curves different manufacturers have different priorities. I always liked the Kodak and Fujifilm colors in the early years of DSLRs because the old film companies knew that humans prefer very subtle color biases in different situations (which is why they made a wide variety of color films.)

Of the digital camera makers who weren’t film makers I thought, and still do, that Canon did the best in coming up with their color curves.

Okay, I asked because I have an M.S. in Photography / Modern imaging and work as a consulting scientist for professional print, photographic, medical and forensic laboratories. The current industry view is that Nikon capture surpassed Canon in the past few years in both sensor design, dynamic range, and real color fidelity. It’s close, but 12 bit Nikon capture actually demonstrably has better color and less noise than 14 bit Canon RAW files. Like that article says, Canon just made the files bigger, their improvements in RAW are really just putting the same amount of information in a bigger box, with zero addition to dynamic range or usable color space.

I don’t really have a dog in the fight, I’ve shot both, I support both, just reporting the current industry consensus, which is that while Canon glass and image stabilization may retain a slight edge, particularly in sports photography, but in terms of color capture Nikon is generally currently considered by imaging scientists and engineers to currently be the better manufacturer. Again, this is only in the last few years, since the release of the D300/700/3x bodies. Basically I think Kid A nailed it in his #re: #151, talking color without discussing noise first is kind of pointless, and that’s where Nikon is really dominating, high signal gain (ISO) noise reduction.

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huckabee removing himself subtracted the last major candidate who could plausibly link up the wingnuts with the mainstream of the party

Yeah, it’s going to get ugly. Everyone realizes that Obama is in a very strong position now and losing to him is going to make them damaged goods for 2016, so only those with nothing to lose are going to make a go of it. Expect scorched earth.