Trump Team Prepares to Purge Government Employees Who Believe in Climate Change

CuriousLurker12/09/2016 2:23:31 pm PST

Also this—pissed me off. Flat-out straw man bullshit, from the LA Times op-ed article linked to in the tweet below:

President Obama on Tuesday delivered his final defense of the nation’s counter-terrorism strategy. He rightfully claimed progress on a number of fronts, including the death of Osama bin Laden, an end to waterboarding and the effective use of drones to kill terrorists. Just one week after the Islamic State-inspired attack in Columbus, Ohio, he also reiterated that there is no “war between the United States and Islam.” Islamic State and Al Qaeda, he said, do not speak for Muslims everywhere.

To me and many of my former colleagues at the Central Intelligence Agency, such pronouncements reflect Obama’s greatest blind spot in his fight against terrorism: he has been unwilling to acknowledge that Islamic ideology plays a role in what motivates terrorists to strike. Meanwhile, men like Imam Bujar Hysa, a jailed cleric in Albania, frame the war on terrorism quite succinctly: “Islam can coexist with other religions, but with democracy? No!” […]

That’s NOT what he said, asshole. In fact, if you go back to your own opening effing paragraph he said exactly what you’re claiming below in the next to the last one. WTF? Are you so stupid you can’t see that, or do you think we are?

Are we at war with the whole of Islam, or should we be? Of course not. But Islam is a faith in crisis, and to deny that certain strains of the religion are contributing to global instability is to deny reality.

After eight years as president, Obama still doesn’t understand that.

Show me where in the hell POTUS said what you claim. You CAN’T because he DIDN’T. I freaking HATE their lying right to our faces like that. If he’s a Democrat, then I’m the Queen of merry effing England.